Northpole Fire Company
Proudly Serving the Town of Pamelia, New York

Proudly Serving the Town of Pamelia, N.Y.

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Mutual Aid to Great Bend - House Fire
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Mutual Aid to City of Watertown
Warehouse Fire
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R.I.T. Pack Training Held
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First Car Show Held at Northpole
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THE ROCK CHURCH Community Outreach Event
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Northpole Partners with NNYCF
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New State Courses Offered
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First Aid/CPR Course held at Northpole
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Justin Chatteron Completes Firefighter 1 Course
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FASNY Open House & Recruitment Event
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Upcoming Schedule of Events
 Feb 15  Canceled  Monthly Training CANCELED
 Feb 17  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 2
 at Glen Park FireStation
 Feb 24  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 3
 Feb 29  7:00 PM  Board of Directors
 Mar 2  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 4
 Mar 7  7:00 PM  Business Meeting
 Mar 9  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 1
 Mar 12  10:00AM-3:00PM  CRAFT FAIR
 Mar 14  7:00 PM  Ladies Auxiliary
 Mar 16  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 2
 Mar 21  7:00 PM  Monthly Training
 Mar 23  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 3
 Mar 28  7:00 PM  Board of Directors
 Mar 30  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 4
 Apr 4  7:00 PM  Election Meeting
 Apr 6  7:00 PM  Bingo Team 1
 Apr 9  6:00 PM  Installation Banquet
 Apr 11  7:00 PM  Ladies Auxiliary
 Apr 13  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 2
 Apr 18  7:00 PM  Monthly Training
 Apr 20  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 3
 Apr 25  7:00 PM  Board of Directors
 Apr 27  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 4
 May 2  7:00 PM  Business Meeting
 May 4  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 1
 May 9  7:00 PM  Ladies Auxiliary
 May 11  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 2
 May 16  7:00 PM  Monthly Training
 May 18  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 3
 May 23  7:00 PM  Board of Directors
 May 25  6:00 PM  Bingo Team 4
 May 30    Happy Memorial Day!


Current Officers:

President: Timothy Sherbino
Secretary: Carl Carr
Assistant Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Charlie Oatridge
Chief: Joseph Wargo
First Assistant Chief: Robert Seeber
Second Assistant Chief: Roy Culbertson
Board of Directors:
        David Petrie
        Carl Herman
        Ron Branche
        Scott Alexander
        Paul Fitzgerald, Jr.

The Northpole Fire Company is a 100% volunteer fire department providing professional emergency services to the Town of Pamelia, Jefferson County, New York. Our station is located at 22334 U.S. Route 11, Watertown, N.Y. We currently have 35 plus dedicated members, but continue to look for more. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for additional information at (315)788-9020.
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